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Adult Education Quick Facts!

  • Services are offered to adults over 18 that live in the counties of Lee, Scott, Wise and Norton, VA.
  • All adult education classes are free, have open entry and open exit.
  • Adults enter at any class meeting and finish when they meet  their goals.
  • Adults have free textbooks, supplies, and at most sites, access to the Internet.
  • All Virginia adults that pass a free GED practice test receive a free GED Exam.
  • Classes are offered for basic reading, GED preparation, English as a Second Language, and distance learning.
  • On-line Classes, Distance Classes, and blended learning opportunities are available.
  • Classes follow the Mountain Empire Community College  schedule for inclement weather.
  • All students are assessed for their ability in reading and math.
  • Working with the teacher, adults complete lessons in their areas of weakness.

Have one of these?

    Then you are in luck. MECC students with online classes can show their MECC ID and have free use of our computers and Internet access during class times, as available. Wireless access is also available at most class sites. To find a site near you click Here

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Free GED Classes and Testing

We are glad you are interested in our free classes and testing services. For more information click the image above or click the link below.

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Free 2014 GED Practice Test


Access the free 2014 GED® practice test today and get a preview of the content and technology that will be part of the new 2014 GED® test. The practice test allows students to review the “answer explanation” on each question to confirm the correct answer and see explanations for why the other options were incorrect…..
Click here to access the practice test.

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Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, Adult Education classes will close based upon M.E.C.C. closure announcements. Daytime and evening classes will operate on their regular schedule unless M.E.C.C. is closed for inclement weather.