Free Testing

Under the age of 18? Read the Age Exception Rules here to see if you are able to test.


How do I register?

Talk to your teacher about registering for the GED® after you pass a practice test.

When can I schedule?

Your teacher will know when you are ready to test and will assist you in getting registered and scheduled.

What is the passing score?

On the 2014 GED® test you need to earn at least 150 points on each subject to pass. Our teachers will be able to give you a practice test that can tell if you are likely to pass.

Is there a fee to take the test?

If you attend our classes and pass a practice test, you will receive a scholarship covering the $120.00 cost of your GED® test.

GED Exam Registration Information
Lee County
Lee Co. School Board Office
Leah Herring
Scott County
Gate City AE Center
Amy Statzer
Wise County
Wise Career and Technical School
Amy Statzer


GED Exam Changed In 2014

IMPORTANT: The GED test changed in 2014. If you did not pass by December 31, 2013, you must start over with the new test.